Blue host Overviews 2020- Types of Blue host

Blue Host Overviews 2020:

Blue host is a web hosting company. Matt Heaton is a founder of Blue host. This Blue host hosting company is recommended by word-press. There are about 750 people working on this hosting. It was founded in 2003. Blue host is a world top web hosting.

Most people thing that just host and blue host are similar.

Are you thinking that?

Both are different on the bases of some key points. But both have similar services, Pricing and features.

Blue Host is popular for speed, reliability and there 24/7 Support.

Purpose Of Blue Host:

Blue host help to start a website , E-Commerce store, Word press hosting and provide you a hosting where your website or store is hosted. They help by giving the solution of a website problems.

The main focus of blue host on meeting the digital marketing of small business.

Five Types of Blue host Hosting :

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Sites
Blue host hosting plain

Shared Hosting :

The cheapest blue hosting plain is shared Hosting, which starts at 2.95$ and monthly rate is 7.79$. Blue host have discount for new customers. You can save 64% by Blue host promotional prices.

In shared hosting you can host multiple websites on a single server. If you want to host multiple websites on a server with affordable price then shared hosting is a best option for you.

Shared hosting have Unlimited disk space and have easy to use dashboard where you can manage all things easily.If you want to get Shared hosting on affordable price then you can follow this link.

VPS Hosting:

VPS is virtual private servers hosting. The price of VPS hosting starts from 18.99$ and then monthly 29.99$. VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting .

Dedicated Hosting :

The price of Dedicated hosting start from $79.99 per month and monthly $119.99.

A dedicated hosting provides peak performance. It is a powerful hosting for a business website. If you have a large website or large setup then dedicated hosting is best option for you. If you want to get Dedicated Hosting just follow this link.

WordPress Hosting:

Blue host is recommended by word-press and more than 850,000 WordPress websites are hosted on Blue host server.

If you want to build a website on word press and shared word press hosting is a good option but it also depends on your website how much data you have on your websites.

The Starting price Of word press hosting is 2.99$ and monthly rate is 7.79$.

Advantages Of BlueHost:

  1. Unlimited Email:Through Blue host you can create and mange unlimited Emails. spam protection,Secure POP3, in addition to unique user account control.
  2. Unlimited Storage: Blue host have unlimited storage, large data can be stored.
  3. Customer Support: Every website owner want to get full support from hosting provider. The support of blue host is 24/7, through email and chat.
  4. Server Uptime: Up-time of hosting is most important. If a hosting provider website have 99% then it is consider great. Blue host have very high uptime, the average blue host uptime is 99.9%.The uptime of Vps and dedicated hosting is nearly 100%.
  5. C-panel: Blue host have modern and easy to use c-panel.
  6. Prices: Blue host hosting have reasonable prices depend upon hosting plain.
  7. Server Speed: Although blue host is not fastest but the speed is enough for website. Server speed depends upon the Hosting plains. VPS and detecated hosting speed is faster than shared hosting.
  8. Learning: Blue hosting provides the tutorials and blog to learn fully about blue host.
  9. Backup: You can backup your data, also can set automated backup. If something going wrong on your website you can store all data again.
  10. Easy: It is easy to setup you can build your website easily.
  11. SSL: It provides free basic SSl.
  12. Money Back Guarantee: Blue host provide money back guarantee. Most of hosting companies don’t give money back guarantee. You cancel your within 30 days you can get your fund back.

Disadvantages of Blue Host:

  • The custom support of Blue host in only in English language.
  • In blue host hosting plain you can host only one website.
  • The speed of blue hosting in shared hosting plain is average.
  • They don’t give free site migration as most hosting provide free site migration.
  • Although blue host price are reasonable but it is more expensive than some other hosting websites.
  • NO refund policy after 30 days.


Although blue host have some disadvantages also but due to quality services people get there hosting. If you want to get blue host hosting just click on this link with 60% off .

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